Salve! Welcome to the most august, always prosperous, forever undefeated, Brvhtopian Repvblic.

The main hub of the Repvblic is situated on the degenerate Discord platform. If you wish to join and participate (after having read everything on the server page), here is the invite link: JOIN THE REPVBLIC!

Least racist Brvhtopia member

About the Repvblic

The Repvblic is a based nation comprised of based men. As the dark forces of the Vniverse have their Illuminati and Masons, the forces of light have BRVHTOPIA!

If you wish to talk to based, cool, non-cringe people like yourself, then you should join us. I cannot say there will be moments in which you regret the decision, just as there were legionaries regretting signing up to fight for Rome, but you will be fighting for a worthy cause.

People in the olden days lived and died for noble causes. Today there are no causes worth dying for. Except Brvhtopia.
— The Don