✞Brvhtopian Repvblic✞

- AVE! -

Welcome, barbarian, to the notoriously based, unfathomably rich, blindingly magnificent, forever august...

(glory, peace, and prosperity be upon it)!

The only thing you really need to know is that Brvhtopia is a place of concentrated basedness in which one may, if willing, develop into a Chad son of the legacy of Rome itself, a modern warrior against barbarity and chaos, a trve patrician of noble mind. The exclusivity of this place will breed hate from all sides, just as rome was beset by enemies on every frontier, so shall we be, and we must remain strong against the retard cucks seeking to subvert our prosperous nation. AVE!

Brvhtopians on Vespa
On our way to genocide nordicists.

How do I join???

Good question, barbarian. You join by clicking the button below!

B.B. - Brvhtopia Basics

It is a very desireable thing to become a citizen of this magnificent nation, so many people wish to do so. However, if you wish to enter, you must be allowed entry first! Not only must you have the seed of based in you, emanating a recognisable light, but you must follow basic based ettiquete, as this is a civilised place, unlike the hellholes and swamps inhabiting other territories of the "based" sphere. Just be cool and when at the gates, answer the questions the immigration officers ask you clearly and concisely. Disobedience will be punished by summary execution. Once you enter, you will become B.A.S.E.D.:

Gracchus clubbed
Patricians clubbing a communist demagogue to death.

Pro tips:

Basedtopian introducing the squalid barbarians to civilisation.